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Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide (Version 3.6)

Welcome to the Visual Studio Performance Testing Quick Reference Guide Community Site! The purpose of this project is to build some insightful and practical guidance around Visual Studio Team Test.

What is in the package?

This version of the QRG is a PDF file with a total of 241articles (51 of these are either new or updated from version 3.5) that are all meant to provide quick information about various aspects of performance testing with Visual Studio. Here is a list of categories that these articles pertain to:
  • How It Works
  • Items new to VSTT 2010
  • Configurations and Settings
  • Networks, IP Spoofing, Test Startups
  • Performance Counters and Data
  • Performance Counter Considerations on Rigs with slow links
  • Data and Results
  • Errors and Known Issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Extensibility
  • Items not specific to the VSTS testing platform

How to submit new ideas?

Please send email with any errors, bugs or missing topics to


Post comments on the Discussions page.


This document has been a collaborative effort by many groups, including the VSTS Rangers, Microsoft Services, and VSTS Product Team. contributors to previous versions include:
  • Ambhrin Dhar, Angel Valdes Nieto, Bill Barnett, Chris Lill, Dennis Bass, Ed Glas, Erwyn van der Meer, Geoff Gray, Jeroen Quakernaat, Lonnie Kruger, Martin Kulov, Mike Taute, Robert George, Sean Johnson, Sean Lumley, Yun Tong
The guide is currently being maintained by Geoff Gray, Senior Test Consultant with the Microsoft Testing Services Labs.

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